my 2018 to do list and ideas for yours
My Happiness Project

My 2018 To Do List – and Ideas for Yours

Hello again friends!

It’s that time, time for me to let you know my full plan for My Happiness Project! Get excited, because I sure am!

As I mentioned in my first post, I will be organizing my project into months. Each month  will have it’s own focus. I have so many aspects of my life that I want to dedicate some time and effort to, and I think that giving each of them their own time to shine is the best way to see some development.

Without further ado, here is my 2017/2018 To do List:

November: Physical Health – Physical health lays the foundation for mental health

December: Family – Remember to Reach Out

January: Mindfulness – Wherever you are, be all there

February: Education – Every class is one step closer

March: Relationship – Love without Limits

April: Finances – Save. That. Money.

May: Environment – Focus on productivity and comfort

June: Friendship – Be the friend you’d want to have

July: Explore – Try things you’ve always wanted to try

August: Live – Live your passions

September: Attitude – Act the way you want to feel

October: Volunteer – Give back

As each month rolls around, I will be going into detail on why I decided to dedicate my time to the specific topic, and share my monthly resolutions with you all!

With my project beginning in just a few short days, I urge you all to take a step back and look at your life. Think about your career, your friends, family, dreams, goals, everything. Then be truly honest with yourself- what could use some extra attention? Do you need to put some more effort in at work? Or maybe dedicate more quality time to your SO? Does your house need some TLC?

I can’t encourage you enough to create a Happiness Project or To-Do list for yourselves.

Because hey, you won’t be doing it alone! I’ll be here to support you each and every step of the way. Happiness is not a destination my friends, it is a journey. A journey that can surely be trying at times, but I think we can all benefit from giving our lives a little bit of love.

Sunday I will be sharing with you my 12 commandments for the year ahead! I can’t wait!


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