12 Mantras for a Happy life
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12 Commandments for a Happy Life

As promised, with November 1st coming near, I’m here to share my commandments for the year ahead! These are meant to serve as a steady reminder of what I want to focus on throughout my Happiness Project. These commandments are all centered around my personal goals and attributes, but can absolutely be applicable to your own project. I’m going into detail about each of them, so sit back with your morning cup of joe and get reading!

1. Be Unapologetically Laney 

My first commandment is the most important of them all. Throughout this process I want to always remember to stay true to who I am. I’ve spent a lot of my life idolizing these impossible ideals and striving to be the “cool girl” Gillian Flynn so popularly depicted in Gone Girl. I’ve learned to not be ashamed of the little quirks that make me me, and not only accept who I am but love who I am. I don’t want to lose sight of that despite this year of self- growth – because it’s just that, growth, not a remodel.

Resolution 1 - Be Unapologetically Laney

2. Cut People Slack

Something I’ve noticed about myself is my major lack of patience. I am so guilty of judging books by their cover, and getting frustrated at the little things. I get bitter and resentful rather than understanding and kind. And so, with this commandment I borrowed from Gretchen, I will remember that everybody has their own life, and their own shit. The mother in the airport who won’t stop her child from crying deserves some slack. The cashier who’s taking “too long” to ring out the person in front of me deserves some slack.

3. Conquer Fear

When I was on a first date earlier this year, before I met my lovely current boyfriend, we were doing the whole get to know you, ask a bunch of questions thing, and I realized – I’m so …  boring. Honestly, everything he asked if I liked, or did, the answer was, “Nope, nope, nope.” Thinking about it later on, I realized that all of these things that I “didn’t like” was because I never tried a lot of them. I’ve refused to go on rollercoasters since I was 10 because I was scared. I didn’t try eating fish until last month (still don’t like it, but hey at least I tried). I want to force myself out of my comfort zone more often, and that’s what this commandment will remind me to do.

4. Expect Less

When I was in my first year of college I did a lot of research into the buddhist faith. One of their overarching principles is that suffering comes from desire, and investment in that desire. So think about it – how often do you really invest your excitement and energy and focus into something, and it doesn’t happen? You know that awful feeling you get of just being let down by the universe? That feeling can be avoided, simply by expecting less. Now I’m not preaching that you stop caring about anything or stop having goals and dreams, but accept that things may not go the way you want them to. Once that is understood, the effects of the possible let-down are much easier to handle.

5. Seriously, Just Do It

Make the doctor’s appointment. Go to class. Pay the bills. Just do it.

6. Any Job Worth Doing, Is A Job Worth Doing Right

We can all thank my dad for commandment number 6, as this was his mantra to me and my brother while we were growing up. It’s his version of the whole “work smarter not harder” thing, but his voice always rings in my ears when I’m doing schoolwork or a project. If you do it right the first time, you don’t need to do it again, duh.

7. Hustle

For some reason the word “hustle” always kicks me into gear. After I left my first university, I took some leisure time, and worked when I wanted, slept in when I wanted, really did whatever I wanted when I wanted to. Believe me, it was a blast, but I’ve reached that point that I know I need to put my head down and grind.

8. Give Give Give

I want to work on my generosity this year. I want to give freely without expecting anything in return, purely for the sake of bringing joy and love to those around me.

9. Find Balance

As excited as I am to be starting this blog and throwing myself into everything that comes along with it, I know I need to remember to find some balance. I need to find harmony between my blog, school, ACSM certification, work, and my social life.

10. Show Up

I think my favorite commandment that I’ve borrowed from Gretchen is this one – Show Up. Show up for your friends, your family, yourself. Be there when you’re needed and when you’re not. You have to show up to be seen.

11. Attract Abundance

What you put out into the universe will come back to you, simple as that.

12. Live Truthfully

Lastly, this commandment will remind me to always live my truth. Being truthful with others and myself means so much more than just being honest. It means being genuine, transparent, real. Listening to my body if I need rest, being confident in myself and what I’m doing, and being fearless when chasing my dreams.

I am so excited for wednesday to roll around so I can finally get started on my Happiness Project! I hope these commandments gave you some insight and inspiration for some self-development of your own.


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