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30 No-Frill Ways to Practice Self Care

30 No-Frill Ways to Practice Self Care

Self Care means a lot of things to a lot of people. The ever-popular face mask, bubble bath, chocolate combo is a pamper night staple, but that’s not the only way to practice Self Care. Sometimes, it’s the difficult tasks, or those that urge you […]

Treat Yourself vs Take Care Of Yourself

So a friend of mine recently posted a picture on her instagram. She’s travelling and studying abroad, and normally incredibly healthy. She posted photos of gorgeous landscapes, glasses of wine, scrumptious food. Her caption said, “I’ve been so gluttonous in Prague….” GLUTTONOUS. That word stuck […]

20 Things I Learned by 20 Years Old

So I’m about half-way through my 20th year of life, and like all young millenials, I have it all figured out.

I’m joking. Trust me.

While I may not have found the perfect recipe for cooking up my dream life, I have learned a lot. The last few years have been such a growing period for me, and I can honestly say I have many more good days than bad. I’ve really noticed my actions maturing, as well as my friends actions. Hooray, growing up!

So today, I decided to do a little “Secrets of Adulthood” style post like Gretchen wrote in The Happiness Project. These are all things I remind myself of on the daily, that I feel have absolutely impacted my life for the better.

20 Things I Learned by 20

20 Things I Learned by 20:

  • Learn how to communicate. Truly communicate. Learn how to speak calmly, clearly, and fairly. You have no idea how important it’s going to be one day.
  • It’s okay to not be Superwoman. If you need more time to do something, take it. If you need more sleep, sleep.
  • The way people treat you has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them.

  • Return your Mom’s calls.
  • Truly cherish each and every day, because things change. Fast.
  • Despite what my 10 year old self believed, vegetables are not the enemy.
  • I know it’s easy to roll your eyes at the woman with the screaming kids in the store, or the man who’s struggling to get his suitcase into the overhead compartment. Try not to.
  • There’s a difference between taking some time alone, and solitude.
  • Definitely bring a sweater. Especially if you’re going to the movies.20 Things I Learned by 20
  • If you’re drifting from your friends, there’s a reason. Either accept it and let it happen, or fight for the people you truly want in your life.

  • Trust your gut, and don’t be naive. If something feels sketchy to you, it’s definitely sketchy. People are nice, but some people are not. Be careful.
  • Pay attention while you’re driving. The fact that you can operate a motor vehicle is a huge responsibility, so don’t be stupid. Other people will be stupid. Don’t be them.
  • There are few things that make you feel as warm inside than a slow sunday morning with some coffee and your favorite people.

20 THings I Learned by 20

  • Finding your independence is amazing. Becoming self-sufficient is amazing. Asking for help is amazing.

  • Stop snapchatting the whole concert. You can’t even hear the music anyway. Enjoy the feeling of all of those people being there and enjoying the same thing.
  • Understand that in the scale of the world, you are small. Every car you see on that highway has someone in it. Someone who has a family and a life as important and special as yours is.
  • Understand that you can make yourself big.
  • Your teachers that always told you reading makes you smarter? Guess what! They were right too. Read. Learn. It will only benefit you.
  • Do the things that make you happy. If something doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. BUT, responsibilities are a thing. Just because grocery shopping and paying bills doesn’t feel good, doesn’t mean you can get away with not doing it.
  • You really don’t need that third spoonful of sugar in your coffee. Seriously, put it down.

That’s what I have for ya, folks! I hope some of these ring true for you like they do for me. Happy Adulting!


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