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A Little Bit of Praise Goes a Long Way

A Little Bit of Praise Goes a Long Way

There are differences in every job you hold, and especially in every manager you work under. I’ve worked with the super hands-on managers, the couldn’t-care-less managers, and the I-can-do-this-better-than-you managers. But one thing I’ve noticed at my new job this summer, is that a little […]

5 Things I Learned that Helped me Overcome my Depression

5 Things I Learned that Helped me Overcome my Depression

**Trigger Warning: Depression, Anxiety, Suicide** Kate Spade. Anthony Bourdain. One individual every 16.2 minutes in the United States. It’s easy to spark a conversation about suicide when it’s committed by a celebrity. But why aren’t we talking about it when it happens the rest of […]

I Asked 30 People What Makes Them Truly Happy

So yesterday was National Happiness Day.

Of course, I was all about it. A whole day dedicated to being happy? Yes please!

Once I heard it was National Happiness Day, I came up with the idea to text everyone in my life, and ask them what makes them truly happy.

Now, I did this for a few reasons.

Firstly, to hopefully promote some self-awareness and a deeper level of thinking for my friends and family when it comes to their everyday lives. I wanted to provoke them to think, Can I think of something that makes me happy? Am I doing it enough? Or at all?

Secondly, I wanted to better understand these people that have entered my life at some point or another.

It’s kind of a deep question, not one to be thrown about at Sunday Brunch.

That’s the kind of question you ask – or one you know the answer to – when you’re really close to someone. All of these people I reached out to have greatly impacted my life at some point, and I wanted to learn some more about them. Plus, this insight would give me a better understanding of the kind of people I’m surrounding myself with. Your vibe attracts your tribe and all that. I wanted to take a lil’ inventory of the types of people I’ve accepted into my life, and if I’m happy with the influence they have on me.

At the end of my little experiment, I can happily say I’m grateful for all of these individuals in my life. Each one of them has taught me something and impacted my life, and I’m incredibly joyful that they’re part of my tribe.

Here are their responses, just as I received them. Hopefully, they’ll spark some thoughts of happiness and gratitude in you, too.

“What makes you truly happy?”

  1. “Genuine human connection in unexpected circumstances.”
  2. “My dog.”
  3. “Hmm.. what about those moments when you’re laughing so hard you can barely breathe.”
  4. “Hugging the people I love.”
  5. “Losing myself in the middle of a pottery piece or painting.”
  6. “I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes in the Instant Pot.”
  7. “Quality time with my loved ones.”
  8. “Giving a gift to someone who needs it more than I do.”
  9. “Dogs!!!! All dogs on the street and my dog and any dog I see, I just light up, I love them.” (preach sister!)
  10. “Simple gestures that cultivate love and make me feel loved.”
  11. “Photos of puppies with babies.”
  12. “Making your mom laugh.” (my stepdad – the sweetest)
  13. “How my family is always there for me, and the power music has and the community it creates.”
  14. “A good group of friends eating, laughing, and telling stories. Achieving goals. Working hard and seeing opportunities coming my way.”
  15. “When I have to do something but someone does it for me before I have to. Also tex-mex food.
  16. “Blue and sunny skies. Smiley babies. Good hugs.”
  17. “Really good conversations with good friends. It makes me feel more connected to them.”
  18. “A perfectly ripe avocado, or a good book.”
  19. “When you stay super on track with your diet and exercise goals for a few weeks and love what you see in the mirror.”
  20. “I usually thrive off of other people’s happiness. So if someone has really exciting news about themselves I get happy about it too.”
  21. “Warm blankets and hugs from babies.”
  22. “When I wake up to my dog snuggled up on the foot of my bed.”
  23. “Time for myself! Fishing, hiking, whatever it is, I like to take some time to be alone!”
  24. “My future.”
  25. “Seeing you and your brother do good things and be happy. And seeing boomie (our dog <3)”
  26. “A friend that makes me laugh.”
  27. “Maybe when I shop for gifts for other people or cuddling with my puppy.”
  28. “Getting people away from their iPhone and introducing them to the great outdoors.”

Number 29… is me. What makes me truly happy?

Honestly I could list 100 things right now. But above all, what makes me truly happiest is that I’ve found my passions at such a young age, and developed the determination to chase my dreams. I’ve never felt more grounded, radiant, and alive as I have in the last 6 months, and the world is my damn oyster.

Now for you, friend. You are person number 30.

What is something that makes you truly, wholly, passionately happy?

Tell me in the comments, I’d really love to know.

Wishing you happy days.


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