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Shearwater Coffee Bar – Fairfield CT

Shearwater Coffee Bar – Fairfield CT

Alas, I’m back home in Fairfield. After a few months of buzzing around SoCal, it feels so good to be in my hometown again. I’ve been spending the week taking in all the familiar roads, amazing restaurants, and of course, one of my favorite coffee […]

Public Fare – A Summery Gem in Bryant Park

 If you have the chance to swing by Bryant Park any time soon, definitely do it. This past Monday (my last day off for who knows how long), I decided to take a trip into my favorite city and do some exploring, photography, and blog […]

Las Vetas Lounge – A Hipster Haven in Fairfield CT

If you’re from Fairfield, you know Las Vetas. If you’re not from Fairfield, you’re about to know Las Vetas.

This place is my absolute favorite. Truly, my ultimate coffee shop search could end right here, but I’m keeping my options open (for now). Las Vetas Lounge, located in the heart of Fairfield CT’s downtown area, is truly the most cozy, trendy place to enjoy some coffee with friends, or hunker down and get some homework done.

The space is huge, with plenty of comfy seating! There’s larger tables for when you visit with friends, and small tables right by the window for when you’re riding solo. They’ve even got a small bar top, where you can watch the baristas make drinks, or admire their cute mug collection that hangs above the espresso machine (and lines the ceiling!!)

Las Vetas Lounge

The coffee here is self-serve, but if you order it to stay you get a cute mug to sip from. I couldn’t even say how many times I’ve been here, and I’ve never gotten the same mug twice. It’s the little things guys! Mismatched mugs have my heart!! You can also order food here, and they have a small pastry/candy selection if you’re feeling a little snack.

My favorite thing about Las Vetas though?

Las Vetas Lounge

The decor. This place has so much character. A majority of the tables are hand painted, with different patterns, designs, and quotes on them. The walls are all different colors. They’re plastered with vintage posters, T-shirts, and other memorabilia. There’s definitely a strong Beatles / Rock vibe to it which makes it really unique.

Las Vetas - Fairfield CT

Honestly, the icing on the cake for me is their little Love Letters mailbox.

This used to hang up on the wall, but now it just moves freely around the cafe, but this is seriously a gem. Open it up and you’ll find love letters written on napkins, business cards, scraps of paper. Messages of heartache or true love or inspiration fill this box to the top. Sitting and reading these with my chai tea is my perfect afternoon. It really just drives home the fact that there are so many people in this world, and everybody has their own life, struggles, dreams, and loves. It’s so much fun reading all of the anonymous messages to highschool sweethearts or old best friends.

Las Vetas - Fairfield CT

Las Vetas used to have weekly Open Mic nights too (which I attended religiously), but now they just book performers every once in a while. It’s still a treat to come in and be greeted by not only the awesome atmosphere, but some great music too!

If you’re searching for a place with consistently good vibes, Las Vetas Lounge is for you. The music here is awesome, and it varies day to day! Some days they’re playing Hozier, other days Classic Rock. But no matter what the genre choice is, it’s the good stuff. The food and drinks are great, there’s plenty of seating (and outlets!), and is just a really unique atmosphere to spend some time in. If you’re ever in Southern Connecticut, be sure to check it out!


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