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7 Tips to Pull Yourself Out of a Funk

7 Tips to Pull Yourself Out of a Funk

You know those points in your life when everything is going alright, you’re all good, and then suddenly, you’re just not? Your (normally enjoyable) job becomes burdensome. That daily commute drains all of the energy and life out of you. Every minor inconvenience is now […]

A Little Bit of Praise Goes a Long Way

A Little Bit of Praise Goes a Long Way

There are differences in every job you hold, and especially in every manager you work under. I’ve worked with the super hands-on managers, the couldn’t-care-less managers, and the I-can-do-this-better-than-you managers. But one thing I’ve noticed at my new job this summer, is that a little […]

The Total Lunar Eclipse and What it Means for Personal Development

The Total Lunar Eclipse and What it Means for Personal Development

Solar and Lunar Eclipses fall into that category of, “yea I know what it is, but I don’t know why it’s important.”

I have a mild interest and belief in astrology, but most of the time, I ignore these celestial events. It wasn’t until my yoga class on Monday that I heard about the Total Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon happening this Friday, July 27th, and actually wanted to learn about it.

While we flowed from Chaturanga to Downward Dog, my instructor shared some information on this monumental eclipse. With this eclipse being the second in the “season”, and the first lunar eclipse, it holds a lot of power. And although it won’t be visible in the United States, it will be the longest Lunar Eclipse of this century so far.

Eclipses in General:

She told us that eclipses in general bring an intensity to our emotions, especially full-moon lunar eclipses, like this one on Friday. Typically, eclipses signify major changes or big events coming up in your life. Solar eclipses signify new beginnings, and lunar eclipses are endings.

The universe wants you to progress. It wants you to thrive. And eclipses are like that friend who push you into the pool when you’re too scared to jump in.

Here’s your new opportunity, have fun!

In the case of this eclipse,

Mars is in retrograde, and the eclipse is in the house of Aquarius. With Mars in retrograde, we can expect:

  • Mood swings
  • Impulsivity
  • Lack of focus & patience
  • Need to rebel against authority
  • Miscommunication
  • Stress

Lovely, right?

But, retrograde doesn’t need to be a bad thing.

People freak out when they hear the word retrograde. Mercury retrograde has become widely popular for making people “crazy” and is often an excuse for erratic and irrational behavior.

Mars in retrograde is less commonly known, as it happens less frequently. In its normal cycle, Mars brings us feelings of aggressiveness and assertiveness. But in retrograde, it promotes introspection and thoughtfulness.

This eclipse has the power to wreak havoc on our personal lives, but we have the strength of Saturn to help us remain patient and calm in times of crisis. If you find yourself losing your temper, focus your energy on more productive things, whatever that may look like for you. For me, I know I’ll find peace in folding the mountain of laundry I’ve let accumulate on my bed. For you, maybe diving into a new project, taking on new responsibilities at work, or finding a new way to show love to your people.

Why does this all matter?

This eclipse could be a good thing for you for a number of reasons.


Lunar eclipses signify an ending, so the days leading up to this eclipse are the perfect time to reflect on the past few months. This is an opportunity for you to dig deep and find some clarity. Is there anything upsetting you? Are you feeling stagnant, or held back? Do you lack purpose and vision?

Note: this is NOT the ideal time for immediate changes in your relationships or professional life. Leave that for the next solar eclipse (comin atcha soon on August 11th).

Lunar eclipses are best for a change in PERSPECTIVE rather than SITUATION.


it’s an opportunity to let go. Like at the beginning of a yoga practice, you’re instructed to ground yourself, and let go of anything that is no longer serving you that day. Do this on a larger scale. What is no longer serving a purpose in your life? What is wasting your time, and using up your energy? Are there people you can start to let go of, or a mindset you need to abandon?

Get real with yourself. Get vulnerable. Take note of how your life is going, and welcome the change that comes with endings.

Happy soul-searching,