It took a crappy Tinder date for me to realize I needed to change my life.

You can read that story here, but it really did serve as the wake up call I so desperately needed. My life was boring. I WAS BORING, and I spent zero time actively trying to make myself better. I was stuck and I didn’t even realize it.

After (obviously) getting ghosted by said Tinder date, and after reading Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project, I decided it was just about time to get my life together. I may have been only 19 years old, but I felt so out-of-synch with who I was, and the person I dreamed of being. I wanted more, but it didn’t click that I needed to *try* to be more.

Maybe you’re feeling the same?

Now, I’m not here to pitch you this bright, shiny, rainbow solution to fix your problems and get you out of debt and let you *~*~be your own boss!!*~*~

lmao. no. 

Our lives are our lives. We’re in school. We have jobs. We have relationships. We have families and responsibilities and bills and goals and all of the things that make our lives so beautiful – and so stressful.

I won’t tell you to turn your life on its head. I want to teach you how to take the life you have, and make the absolute best of it. 

I mean yeah, quit your job if you’re not happy. But, like, be an adult and have something else lined up first.

It’s a balance of treating yourself and taking care of yourself, in every sense.

With that being said, this site is your new resource, and I’m your new gal pal.

On this site you’ll find:

  • Advice
  • Motivation 
  • Information
  • Encouragement
  • Realness
  • Everything you need to live your life and live it WELL.

I want you HAPPY, friend. I want you to SHINE and THRIVE and DO THE DAMN THING (whatever it may be).

So, get readin’. Grab a notebook, or a tea, or a WhiteClaw, I don’t care.

But make a commitment to yourself, right now, that you’re going to TRY. You’re going to try to live the rest of your days with a whole heart, and an adventurous mind, and truly know that this life is too damn short to not be happy.

See ya out there!



Be Well - Love Laneyy

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