50 Affirmations for Self Love, Confidence, and Joy

50 Affirmations for Self Love, Confidence, and Joy

One of my favorite parts about California…

was this lil restaurant in Venice called Cafe Gratitude. Plant based, aesthetically pleasing, and allows dogs inside? Check, check, check!

Besides the gorgeous interior and kind service, what made me fall in love with this place was its menu, and its mission.

(not sponsored, just love!)

photo credit to www.deringhall.com

Cafe Gratitude names their menu items with certain feelings or character traits. For example, their Matcha Latte is named Vibrant. Their guacamole is called Connected. Their Indian Curry Bowl is called Humble. When you order, instead of the usual, “I’ll have…” you’re supposed to say, “I am ______.” So, when I ordered my Matcha, my server asked, “How are you feeling today?” I said, “I am vibrant.”

And I loved that. I loved it so much that I texted my mom about it right when my server walked away. The fact that a business was recognizing the power that our words have over us, their ability to change our whole mood made me so happy.

So that’s where I’m at today. We’re riding the wave of last weeks blog post (check it out here!) I’m thinking all about our words, how we speak, how we think, and how that all makes us feel. I don’t know about you, but if I could create some more happy days and positive energy in my life, I’m gonna.

You may have heard of this lil buzzword: Affirmation(s).

Affirmations are simply positive statements that are used to fight negative feelings and energies. Mostly, people practice this by having “daily affirmations”, or phrases they repeat to themselves a few times a day, or when needed. I know some people might view daily affirmations as kinda new-agey, wishful thinking-y, but let me remind you of something.

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Think back to grade school, to college, to whenever you needed to study and memorize something. Odds are, you made flashcards, or a quizlet, and studied those babies every. single. day. Repeating and repeating the same phrases and words so that they became second nature – until you could read the first two words of the question and already know the answer. And it worked, huh? You remembered those words, you learned that material, it became part of you.

50 Affirmations for Self Love, Confidence, and Joy

Why would daily affirmations be any different?

Repeating positive statements about life, yourself, your career, your relationships, helps to solidify those views for you. It enforces their power, makes them part of you.

My favorite affirmation throughout high school was, “We attract what we’re ready for.”

I told myself that every time anything crappy happened to me, any time I was faced with a difficult decision, any time something didn’t go my way. We attract what we’re ready for. And I knew I could handle it, whatever it was.

So here, I’ve gathered and written 50 of my favorite affirmations. Write them on post-its, set them as reminders on your phone, pin them to your favorite boards, text them to your friends. Happy thoughts, loves!

50 Affirmations for Self-Love, Confidence, and Joy

50 Self Love Affirmations

My self-esteem is high and I honor who I am

I am grounded, I am loved, I am enough.

My mind is beautiful and it is powerful.

I am not defined by my mistakes.

Everything I need to succeed, I already have.

I am important.

I allow myself grace in all things.

Fear is simply a feeling, it will not hold me back.

I have a purpose.

50 Self Love Affirmations

Today, I choose happiness.

I am surrounded by opportunity, I simply must seek it.

If I want to be seen, I have to show up.

I do not need to be perfect, I need to be me.

All I can do is my best each day.

I am capable of amazing things, and I will accomplish amazing things.

I am grateful for my body and my health.

My body is beautiful. It is strong, and it is powerful.

50 Affirmations

I deserve all that is good.

I can handle this, and I will handle this.

Every challenge I face is a lesson.

I am becoming who I’m meant to be.

Every day is a chance to grow.

I love seeing my confidence grow.

“I can be changed by what happens to me but I refuse to be reduced by it.” – Maya Angelou

Life will hand me the same lesson until I learn it.

I have the power to change my life.

I am radiant.

There is good in the world, and I attract it.

I control my emotions, they do not control me.

I will honor myself and my goals today.

Everything happens as it’s meant to.

I can.

50 Affirmations

I am confident in all that I do.

My strength is greater than any struggle

I treat myself and others with the highest respect.

I radiate positivity.

What I think, I become.

I am proud of myself.

50 Affirmations

We attract what we’re ready for.

I love who I am.

I surround myself with people who lift me higher.

My authentic self is my best self.

I lift others.

The universe has my back.

50 Affirmations

I am brilliant and I am brave.

I fully accept who I am.

After every hard day, I come out stronger.

I live life on my own terms.

I know my value.

When I focus on the good, the good gets better.

Enjoy these! Spread some love today, to yourself and those around you.

Love, Laney

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