A Happiness Project Update

A Happiness Project Update

When I realized the other day that:

1. I’m behind on my Happiness Project posts


2. There’s only 3 months left of my project

I got kind of overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed in all of the ways.

I got upset. Upset that I haven’t been as consistent with this blog as I would like.

But I also got excited, because I’m 9 months in – and it’s been working.

Yes, I’ve fallen off the wagon slightly, I can’t honestly say that I’ve kept up every resolution I’ve made. But I can say that this whole finding balance thing is going pretty well for me.

Now, if you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you know that I recently got home from a 2 month trip to California. While I was there, the days went slowly. It wasn’t this whirlwind adventure that I expected (and hoped) it would be. But what it was, was so much better.

It was a chance for me to slow down.

Rest. Breathe. Decompress.

This spring, I was working part-time, had an internship part-time, was blogging consistently, and was a full-time student. There were no days off for me, and every day I had multiple things on my plate. It was another one of those situations that felt fine while I was in it (an object in motion stays in motion, you know), but looking back, I was severely stressed out and exhausted.

(Mental note: I have a habit of doing this to myself. Read more on this here)

On my trip, I really wanted to spend time getting right with myself again. I wanted to fix my, frankly, shitty eating habits. I wanted to read more, write more, adventure more. Really take care of myself. And that’s what I did.

I was in California for the whole month of June, which was my month of Friendship, and part of July, my month of Exploration (quite fitting if i do say so myself).

Throughout the month of June, I wanted to be the friend that I would want to have. I wanted to be someone who was reliable, trustworthy, and compassionate. Someone who would always show up for others, and would check in on them often. It was an interesting challenge to try and be a wonderful friend while I was 3000 miles away from my people. But, my trip served as a conversation starter, and I facetimed a lot of people that I don’t talk to a whole bunch when I’m home.

My best friends? We talked plenty, and I urged the conversation off of myself and my summer, and tried to focus more on them. How were they doing? How was her new job? How’s her boyfriend treating her?


I also tried my best to “put myself out there” while I was in Cali.

I leapt out of my comfort zone to meet and talk to new people, really get to know my roommates, and be open to any friendships that formed. After all, the people you meet and the places you go are what make your life.

When it comes to exploration, my summer has been abundant. I travelled to some gorgeous places on the west coast, but also explored things on a smaller scale. I tried a bunch of new foods, said yes to new activities, and allowed my mind to wander in my journal. Exploration doesn’t have to mean a cross-country trip, it could mean spelunking about your own mind, and questioning yourself, your habits, your thoughts.

My trip served as a wonderful time for introspection, and I’m utterly grateful for the experience it was. Now, home once again, I’m able to continue exploring, and look forward to my trip to Nashville, Tennessee with my boyfriend in just 3 short weeks!

For now, I’m getting back into my routine, and soaking up all of the happiness I’ve manifested. I hope you all are soaking up your own sunshine, too.



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