“You Are A Badass”: The Top 6 Lessons I Learned

I wish I could plaster the contents of this book across my forehead for everybody to see. And I’m not one to say that lightly. This book has one of those messages that everyone needs to hear, study, engrain into their being.

Yes, you are a badass – if you let yourself be one.

This little yellow self-help book has been the talk of the town for a few years now, with millions and millions of people reading it world-wide. There’s a reason it’s so widely loved, and not just because it makes a cute prop for Instagram photos.

The author, Jen Sincero, has a writing style that is just as much intelligent idol as it is girlfriend from high school. She’s easy to read, easy to relate to, and insanely passionate about her field. Her gusto is evident in each chapter, and her personality is written on each page.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this book yet (where have you been?) or haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet (I feel you), I’m gonna give you the low down. All the quality info Sincero shared, in bite-size pieces.

I will note, that for those of you who aren’t as deep in the self-development world, some of the words she uses are going to sound… foo-foo. Cheesy. Source Energy, Frequency, Manifest, Abundance, Visualization. All words that make some people cringe. But they’re buzz-words for a reason. If you’re one of those people who thinks meditation and mindfulness are too “crunchy-granola” for you, I urge you to put aside that mindset for just a moment, and try to see what we’re preaching here.

If I had to condense the 254 pages in this book to one idea, it’s this.

Mindset Over Everything Else

This is what I want to teach you all. This is what Sincero teaches with this book. Your mindset matters, and nothing else does. You could have all of the opportunity and wealth just knocking at your door, and if you don’t even think about opening the door, *poof* it’s gone. On to the next one.

That’s not very badass.

Some common themes:

1. Accept the Fact that You Can Create Whatever Reality You Desire

Kick that can’t, won’t, scared, attitude to the curb, please. If you spend your life telling yourself you can’t have nice things, won’t accomplish greatness, and that you’re too scared to try, then you won’t have, do, or try it. You need to tell yourself you WILL. Believe that it’s already here. You’ve got your handy dandy backpack already. And in it? That handy dandy tool box. you’ve got everything you need to manifest a change in your life. Draw yourself a map and get a move on.

2. Surround Yourself with the Best of the Best

In order to manifest the success, happiness, or whatever else it is that you’re dreaming about, you need to surround yourself with people who’ve achieved it. Or, people who are still fearlessly chasing their own dreams. The people in your life should be ambitious, positive, action-takers. Anyone with a brain can dream something up, but it’s the people who do something about that dream that are important. As Sincero puts it, “Hang out with people who are kicking ass and who will make you feel like a giant loser if you’re not kicking ass, too.” Use these people as a fuel source, feed off of their motivation and hard work to find the inspiration to be that way yourself.

Find a mentor. A badass one. Someone to give you the knowledge you crave, and the tough love you need.

3. Stay Grateful Along the Way

Once the success starts pouring in, it’s easy to forget all the steps it took to get there, and all the people you got help from. Acknowledge them. Thank them. You didn’t get here on your own.

4. Surrender to the Universe.

As I’ve written before, life is going to hand you whatever basket of lemons it wants to. As much as we’d love to hand pick what we get, sometimes you need to just trust the system and surrender.

Sincero used a genius analogy about butterflies to explain this concept.

The idea is this: imagine yourself outside on a lovely spring day, taking in the sights and sounds and smells. You see this magnificently beautiful butterfly a few yards away, so you scurry inside to grab your net because you must have it. You chase this butterfly, tirelessly. Yet, all you’re doing is scaring it away. It’s only once you stop running, put down your net, and let that need go, that it lands atop your nose.

Sometimes, no matter how tenaciously you chase your dreams, they won’t happen until the Universe wants them to. Trust that when they do come true, it’s because it’s their time.

Nothing Has value until you give it value

5. Nothing has any Value until You GIVE it Value

The opinions of others? A one hundred dollar bill? Yourself? No value, until you give it value. Someone’s opinion is simply a bundle of words. If you don’t give it any meaning or weight, it can’t affect you. Decide who’s opinions need value, and who’s can be taken lightly. A one hundred dollar bill is just a piece of paper. It’s a piece of paper that could mean the world to one person, and be viewed as chump-change to another. It’s all about the value it’s given. And now you. You have value. You have just as much value as you give yourself. If you don’t know your own worth, nobody else will either.

6. Love Yourself…

“…Fiercely, loyally, unapologetically.”

“…Because it’s the Holy Grail of Happiness.”

“…No matter what anyone else thinks.”

“…Like you’re the only you there is.”

“…Unless you have a better idea.”

“…And the bluebirds of happiness will be your permanent backup singers.”

“…And life becomes a party.”

“…Right now, wherever you’re at.”

“…You’re doing an awesome job.”

“…And you will be invincible.”

“…You can do anything.”

“…You are a badass.”


If you’re intrigued and want to read the full book, you can order it here. Honestly, while I was reading this I thought of a bunch of people in my life who could benefit from learning some of these lessons. I sure did myself, and odds are, you will too.


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