Public Fare – A Summery Gem in Bryant Park

 If you have the chance to swing by Bryant Park any time soon, definitely do it.

This past Monday (my last day off for who knows how long), I decided to take a trip into my favorite city and do some exploring, photography, and blog work. It was a beautiful day, relatively warm for February, so it was perfect for a day in New York.

First stop? Bryant Park. Aside from being one of my top favorite locations in New York City, Bryant Park is also home to a lovely little bar/cafe called Public Fare.

Each year, Public Fare pops up during Bryant Park’s winter village, offering shelter for parents watching their kids ice skate, or friends looking to escape the cold. When we waltzed through the park and noticed it was still open, a friend and I popped in to see what it was all about.

Public Fare - A Summery Gem in Winter Bryant Park

I was immediately drawn to the color scheme.

Bright corals (Love, Laneys signature!), blues, and whites line the walls, with light wood flooring and plenty of greenery. It felt like I was stepping out of New York and into Charleston, SC.

The whole place is seriously beautiful. It’s setup is kind of like a greenhouse, with large glass panels and lots of natural light. A super bonus? It was WARM in there. Like, take off my jacket and hang out in a tank top warm.

Public Fare
Also, how cute are these mules? Target hooked it up again, find them here.

Public Fare

Even though it was warm inside, I still needed a hot drink to warm my hands. I got the hot apple cider – Y U M! Aside from your usual warm beverages, they had a full wraparound bar complete with signature cocktails, beer on tap, and a wine selection by the glass or bottle.

While I ignored my sweet tooth,

they did have a large assortment of pastries and other goodies for sale, as well as fresh fruit. If we hadn’t just eaten, I definitely would’ve had one of their starters or sandwiches, the tomato soup looked delish!

At the bar, cocktails are going to run you $15, and bottled beers $9, which is definitely on the pricey side. I’m not sure who would pay $9 for a Bud Light, but hey, you’re paying for the atmosphere and location. Here is the menu if you want to check it out! Public Fare Menu

Public Fare A Summery Gem in Winter Bryant Park

There were a bunch of small tables, high tops, and bar seats, as well as a smaller area tucked away in the corner with seating for larger groups. An assortment of paper lanterns were hung overhead, making for a really cozy, trendy ambiance.

Public Fare A Summery Gem in Winter Bryant Park

Public Fare, I’ll be back! Hopefully once more before the season is over to try some delicious food and enjoy the space. If not this year, definitely next!


Laney Signature

Public Fare A Summery Gem in Winter Bryant Park

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