Treat Yourself vs Take Care Of Yourself

So a friend of mine recently posted a picture on her instagram. She’s travelling and studying abroad, and normally incredibly healthy. She posted photos of gorgeous landscapes, glasses of wine, scrumptious food. Her caption said, “I’ve been so gluttonous in Prague….”

GLUTTONOUS. That word stuck in my mind for days.

Gluttony: greed or excessive indulgence. Sometimes in reference to food, sometimes not.

That word just feels like someone punched me in the stomach.┬áBecause when it comes to gluttony, I’m a pro.

I’m the first person to say, “Screw it, treat yourself,” when it comes to skipping the gym for dinner plans, or coming home with another sweater that I don’t need. I swear I have no self control.

Sound like you, too?

You’re not alone. So many of us fall victim to this “Treat yourself” kind of mindset. Treats are all good and fine, but not when that treat becomes your lifestyle.

Treat Yourself VS Take Care of Yourself

A treat is defined as, “An event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.”

Keywords being : out of the ordinary.

Without a doubt, I am guilty of overindulging. When I was a waitress and making decent money, I spent it all. Pretty much immediately. I took my friends out to $200 dinners, wasted gas like it was my job, consistently bought clothing and home decor items I definitely didn’t need. Let me tell you, when I got my W-2’s back a few weeks ago… omg.

Where’d all the money go? ha? haha? help?

Looking back I definitely wish I was a little smarter with my money. Especially because before nearly every purchase, I told myself I deserved a “treat.”

Did I really deserve it? Eh maybe. Did I earn it? Nope. Did I still give it to myself? Yep.

Treating myself became my way of life. I was working a lot, yes, but I already got a treat for working that much. It’s called a paycheck.

And I spent all of my treats on more treats. Yes, I enjoyed the fancy dinners and clothes and vacations, but did they set me up for success in the future? Did I throw any money into a savings account or invest it? Or make sure I could pay for school before paying for luxuries? No I did not. And that’s what I regret now.

Similarly, that plate of brownies might sound like an awesome idea when it’s 2am on Saturday and you’ve just gotten home from a night out. But, in the long run, your body’s not gonna be happy.

Everyone preaches that you have this one body and this one life. I think it’s safe to assume that’s something we all understand. But is it something we all live by?

Do Something Today Your Future Self will Thank you For

Think about it, are you taking the best care of yourself and your life that you can?

Are you setting yourself up for future success?

Are you treating your body like the insane powerhouse it is? And fueling it properly? Or are you depriving it?

When you reward yourself, have you worked for it? Earned it?

Will power is something I’ve quickly learned, once I understood that yes, those margaritas do actually have calories, and those $5 filter packs on VSCO add up, honey. Will power and self-respect.

Following through with your responsibilities is a form of self-respect. Eating properly is a form of self-respect. Working hard towards your goals is a form of self-respect. And if you don’t respect yourself, who’s going to?

The message here is TAKE CARE of yourself, in all aspects.

Treats are wonderful, but so is health, stability, and progress. Be kind to yourself, and not just the voice in your head telling you to uber eats some ice cream. Be kind to the part of you that’s stressing about those bills – pay them. Sit down and complete the work your brain is frantically reminding you of. Put on those leggings and sneakers and get moving, because your body deserves it.

Treat your body, your mind, and your future with the respect they deserve.


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