Going Back to School the Right Way

Today is the last day of January.

A whole month of 2018 – done. Three months of My Happiness Project – DONE. It feels good guys! Really good!

So far, I’ve devoted one month each to my physical health, my family life, and being more mindful. Just as a little check in, I feel great. Doing this happiness project hasn’t completely changed my lifestyle, just enhanced it. I’ve been able to carry on with my normal routines, while still putting forth extra effort to the things that really matter to me. February is all about my education. Technically, I should be a junior in college at this point. But, to be quite frank with you all, I didn’t care about school at all until this past winter semester. Yea – like a month ago.

My first 2 years of college were a doozy.

I went about 600 miles from home for my freshman year. I absolutely adored the school I chose, I just quickly realized I didn’t fit in there, at all. It was a weird feeling. I’d never experienced something like that while I was growing up (as I know a bunch of you probably did), I always felt like I had a place in my school and my town. But this university was just not the place for me. I began struggling with depression again, and extremely crippling anxiety, to the point where I barely lasted the full year without dropping out and moving home. I did stick it out and finish the year though, honestly only for my pride.

The next year I came home and enrolled in a community college, studying for the same major that I was slowly just convincing myself I really liked, instead of realizing I wasn’t passionate about it. This was back when I was working two jobs, completely overextending myself, and I practically dropped out… 2 semesters in a row. Aside from all of the wasted money, it was a waste of time for me. A waste of effort. I had no idea what I wanted to be studying, what I wanted to do with myself. So I took off the Fall semester of 2017. I told myself and my family that I would be working, building this blog, and figuring out what I wanted to do. And I did exactly that.

Going Back to School the Right Way

My Semester Break Reminded Me How Much I Love School

Over the few months I wasn’t in school, I enrolled in a bunch of blogging, digital marketing, and social media courses. I wanted to learn everything I could possibly need to know in the beginning stages of this blog. I took classes online, listened to every webinar I could, even went into NYC for a few. Taking the classes I wanted to take absolutely re-ignited my fire and inspired me to go back to school for Digital Marketing. I realized that I love this blogging world so much and was working so hard to create something I could make a career out of, without realizing I could actually go to school for this. Duh!

And so, I’m once again a full time student. For now, I’m at a community college, (student debt is a real thing and a scary thing guys, be smart) and studying business administration with a focus in Marketing. The plan is to officially switch into a Marketing degree wherever I finish my bachelors, and I plan on minoring in English! Since I’m finally going back to school for me, I want to do well this time around. With that said, here are my resolutions for February – my month of education

1.No Skipped Classes

I’ve gotten in such a horrible habit of skipping class. Ever since my senior year of high school and I thought I was, I don’t even know, “cool enough” to skip class and hang out with my friends instead, I started doing it. All. The. Time. I got so lazy when it came to school. It’s no wonder I went from getting amazing grades to practically flunking out. You have to show up to do well!

2. No Phone or Blog During Class

This is a direct continuation of one of my Mindfulness resolutions, but for good reason. I’ve actually been so proud of myself for not turning to my phone or my blogging notebook during my classes this far. I’m easily distracted by things that seem “more important”, and then all of a sudden I missed the whole lecture and have no clue what the homework is on. I have one teacher who delivers particularly dry lectures this semester, so it will be a healthy challenge for myself not to let my mind wander to other things.

3. All Assignments Done Before the Deadline

I’m one of those people who tells myself I work better under pressure, even though I absolutely don’t. My whole life I’ve procrastinated. There was one time, yes ONE TIME, I actually paced myself and did my work for weeks in advance, and when it came to finals week, I was already finished with all of my assignments. I was already confident in the material I studied. It was an unreal feeling. And then, I never prepared like that again. Old habits die hard I guess. This semester, I want to prepare and stay ahead.

Going Back to School the Right Way

4. School Comes First

Along with procrastinating, I used to rank school in general pretty low on my list of priorities. Not this time. I want to succeed this semester, and bring my GPA back up. That means that school comes before everything else.

5. Do Extra Credit Work

Funny enough, my most boring teacher is giving us the opportunity for the most extra credit. It’s almost like he knows his lectures put us all to sleep, so he gives us the chance for bonus points to make up for it. Seems like a fair trade for me! I want to get as much Extra Credit work done as I can in the beginning of the semester, when the workload is still light. I’d much rather do it ahead of time than be scrambling at Finals to bring my grade up.

I’m hoping that those of you who are still in school or thinking of going back can adopt some of these resolutions! They may sound basic, but honestly, college is really difficult for a lot of people, and just sticking with it and powering through the classes is the best way to do it. Having the opportunity to get an education is such a privilege and I don’t want to take it for granted!

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