Reflecting on the Good from 2017

Listen, I know I’m a little late on the whole reflecting on 2017 thing, but I’ve been a little busy… reflecting on 2017. It was a crazy year for me. It started out pretty rough, and transitioned into an awful breakup. I spent two months making some not so great decisions, and struggled with some of my best friendships. But, good things come to those who wait, and those who work their butts off to get it.

Around April, everything started looking up. New friends were made, old friendships were patched up. There was adventure, independence, and so much joy. I experienced so many firsts, and overcame a bunch of fears that previously held me back. I learned alot about myself as an individual, daughter, sister, girlfriend, and friend. Most importantly, I gained so much confidence. Confidence in myself, my abilities, my knowledge, my blog. So, 2017, I have no hard feelings. Only some cherished memories I’d love to share with you all, so you can get to know me a bit better!

Of course I had some of my favorite foods…

Have any of you caught onto my love affair with French Toast? Not yet? Stay tuned. Many more breakfast photos to come. This meal at RISE in Mystic, CT certainly hit the spot. Plus, RISE is one of those places with a wide assortment of coffee mugs, and you get to pick your own. Anyone who knows me knows this earns some major points in my book.

Arugula and Prosciutto – Name a more Iconic Duo.

Aside from my go-to’s, I tried some dishes that were really… out there for me. Foie Gras anyone? Deconstructed Tuna Tartare (pictured below… yes that is actual foam on the plate, and yes it was delicious)? I’ve been an insanely picky eater since I was a kid. I’m talking mac and cheese for Thanksgiving dinner until I was 14. I definitely surprised myself with some of the things I tried this year. Hey Mom, guess who finally eats vegetables now!

Reflecting on 2017

And Spent Plenty of Time with Family and Friends:

Between adventures with my friends when they’re home from school, and family vacations, I got to spend some amazing quality time with those I love the most.

I Met My Man

One of the biggest blessings 2017 brought me is my boyfriend, Nick. He has been the BEST partner the last (almost!) 8 months, and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything he’s done for me and taught me.

And Did Some Travelling!

This year was an AWESOME travel year for me, I definitely got to cross some things off my Bucket List. I started the year off with a trip to South Carolina to visit some friends at USC! Though I only went to school there for a year, the Gamecocks definitely hold a piece of my heart. Plus, this was the first vacation I booked totally by myself – hello, adulthood!

Travelling - Reflecting on 2017

With April came a Family Cruise to the┬áBahamas – my first time out of the country!

Bahamas - Reflecting on 2017 Bahamas - Reflecting on 2017
















July led me to Colorado with my Momma, I tagged along on one of her work trips! The first few nights we stayed in Estes Park, and did some horse-back riding up in the mountains! We also hiked up to Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, eventually climbing up to a 10,000′ altitude. And let me tell ya, people aren’t kidding about altitude sickness. We had to take plenty of breaks along the hike just to catch our breath! We explored Boulder for a night, then stayed in the heart of Denver the last 2 days of the trip. I have to say, Denver wasn’t my fav city. I definitely preferred staying deep in the mountains.

Emerald Lake - Reflecting on 2017

Emerald Lake up in the Rocky Mountains. That’s snow, guys. We hiked all the way up to the snow. This picture does it absolutely no justice. The trail leading up to this was so narrow and wooded, and it suddenly opened up into this giant, vast valley and lake. There were people scattered everywhere, but it was completely silent. Everyone was just taking in the view.

Come August, I took a trip to Punta Cana for a week with Nick! We had both spent the summer working crazy hours, so we felt we deserved a nice vacation. It was such a spectacular trip, just the right mix of fun and relaxing. Despite some minor sunburn, we had an awesome time! We enjoyed wine tastings, snorkeling, dune buggies, a party boat, and (our fav) a 7 course 5 star dinner!

Punta Cana - Reflecting on 2017

Punta Cana - Reflecting on 2017

And of course, I took plenty of trips to my favorite city, New York. The year started and ended with a trip with one of my best friends, Katey! In January we went to the observatory deck on the Empire State Building – a first for both of us! And our December trip included a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (another first!) and seeing the Freedom Tower and The Oculus! I also took a bunch of solo trips to NYC this year, whether it was leisurely or for a blogging class I was taking! No matter what my reason is for visiting, I always love my time in New York.

Empire State Building - Reflecting on 2017

Brooklyn Bridge - Reflecting on 2017

Oculus - Reflecting on 2017

Aside from all of these lovely memories, 2017 taught me the joy in the little things. It taught me patience and hard work. I learned organization of a new calibre, and to always believe that I could achieve anything. I did a whole lot of planning last year, and I’m welcoming 2018 with open arms and high hopes. This year, there is so much that I want to accomplish, see, and experience. I thank all of you for reading each and every post, and I can’t wait to share more with you. Cheers!


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