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My favorite way to spend my days off: checking off my to do list, and engaging in my weekly pamper routine. I normally have off on Monday or Tuesday so I LOVE starting my week off with productivity and some self love. These days usually consist of:

  • grocery shopping/meal prepping
  • getting a workout in
  • catching up on chores
  • pampering/relaxation

After my to do list is tackled, and my room feels clean and cozy, it’s time to give my hair, skin, and nails some love.



My hair care routine is pretty simple. My hair has seen some serious damage from all of the dying and heat tools, but I’ve been more mindful of how I treat it lately. Most of the time, I’ll start off with a deep-conditioning hair mask. My favorite is the OGX Argan Oil of Morocco. I apply it on dry hair and let it soak for about 30 minutes, mainly on my ends. It adds so much moisture and shine without weighing down my hair or making it greasy. Buy it here.Weekly Pamper Routine - Hair Mask

I’ll take a shower to rinse it all out, and take some time to exfoliate my legs with my simple 3 ingredient body scrub (post coming soon!). After a shower, I let my hair air dry for a while, usually until I finish my skincare routine! After, I’ll brush through with my Wet brush, spritz on some heat protectant, and give myself a blowout on medium heat. My favorite heat protectant right now is the TRESemme Heat Tamer, which protects hair up to 450 degrees! It’s my go-to for drugstore heat protectant.

Weekly Pamper Routine - Heat Protectant

Lastly, I’ll rub a few drops of the OGX Argan Oil of Morocco between my hands and apply it to the ends of my hair for some extra moisture. I always try to sleep in a protective hairstyle like a braid to avoid tangles.


Looking back, I can’t believe that through most of my life, I was that girl that never washed her face – and I mean never. I’d sleep with my makeup on and let it build up for days. I’d never leave the house without a full face on. Miraculously, I never had a struggle with acne, until I reached college. My year at a university really did a number on my skin. Between the hard water, poor diet, and stress levels, my skin revolted. That’s when I took up a regular skincare routine, and I’ll never look back. Nothing beats the feeling of a clean face.

For starters, I make sure all traces of my makeup are off. Normally, the go-to is my Neutrogena Makeup wipes, but I’ve recently hopped on the Micellar Water bandwagon. I find the Micellar Water works great for face makeup, but I love my Neutrogena wipes to get all of my mascara off my lashes without damaging them. And the best thing? You can pick up both at your local CVS (hooray for pampering on a budget!).

Weekly Pamper Routine - Skincare

Next, my two favorite masks. I wet a towel with hot water and let it sit over my face for 2 minutes to open up my pores. Then I’ll apply the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask in a somewhat thick, even layer across my skin. The thicker the layer, the easier it is to peel off, and makes sure each and every pore is covered. Once its dried, about 20 minutes later, peel it off! This mask removes blackheads, evens skin tone, and brightens the complexion!

After my Boscia mask, I like to exfoliate, just to make sure every last bit of dry skin and all imperfections are taken care of. My all-time favorite – LUSH Cup o’ Coffee scrub.

Weekly Pamper Routine - Face Mask

The coffee grinds offer a strong exfoliant without being too rough, leaving the skin super smooth and rejuvenated.

To finish up with skincare, I use my acne spot treatment and my overnight moisturizer.


Oh, how I love a good mani/pedi. As mentioned here, my nails have suffered the effects of the Gel mani/removal cycle, so I’m giving them a much deserved break. Although they’re not polished,  it doesn’t mean they can’t be pampered. I always start off using a pumice stone on my heels to keep them nice and soft.

Weekly Pamper Routine - Nail CareNext, I trim and file – I’ve been keeping them in a short, square shape lately. Once my nails are all uniform, I use my Sally Hansen cuticle oil and massage it into each nail. Afterwards, I trim my cuticles back just slightly, and take care of any hang-nails. Lastly, I apply my strengthening clear coat, and go to town moisturizing my hands and feet – always putting on a pair of fuzzy socks after to lock in the moisture!

Weekly Pamper Routine - Nails

And that’s it folks! That is my go-to pamper routine lately – and I look forward to it every week! I hope these products work just as well for you as they do for me!


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